Communities and Sustainability

The Community Solution : Dedicated to the development, growth and enhancement of small local communities. We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated.
Willits Economic LocaLization Project : The mission of Willits Economic LocaLization (WELL) is to foster the creation of a sustainable, local economy based on the principles of sufficiency, responsibility, and life promoting actions. WELL is made up of a network of citizens and community organizations that meet regularly to create a common vision, foster education, plan work, and carry out projects.
See also: Regional Groups.

Local Foods

Listings for Agricultural Producers by Location : Find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area.
Robyn Van En Center for CSA Resources : Offers a variety of services to existing and new CSA farmers and shareholders nationally.
American Farmland Trust : Has helped win permanent protection for over a million acres of American farmland.
NOFA/Massachusetts CSA : Northeast Organic Farming Association Massachusetts CSA listings.
The Federation of Massachusetts Farmers’ Markets : Dedicated to the needs of Farmers, Consumers and Communities.
Threats of Peak Oil to the Global Food Supply : by Richard Heinberg.

Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy

Pioneer Valley Clean Energy Plan : A draft energy plan from our nearby neighbors, very interesting reading.
Home Energy Analyzer : Free On-Line Home Energy Analyzer.
Driving More Efficiently : A consumer fact sheet. : A group of Renewable Energy professionals who provide access to Renewable Energy-focused services.
Green Grease Monkeys : Committed to helping people convert diesel vehicles to run on waste vegetable oil.

Global Warming / Climate Change

IPCC - International Panel on Climate Change : Latest scientific consensus on global warming. New documents from the 2007 conference are online. The SPM (Summary for Policymakers) is good first reading. According to various postings (see this one on RealClimate,) the SPM was censored to downplay the effects of global warming. Download the 2007 SPM here or here.
Climate Crisis Coalition : Seeks to broaden the circle of individuals, organizations and constituencies engaged in the global warming issue.
Mass. Climate Action Network (MCAN) : Dedicated to halting the threat of global climate change, through reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, in our communities and the state.
The Heat Is Online : Ross Gelbspan's web site.
Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) : The Northeast region's leading organization dedicated to finding and promoting solutions to global warming.
Green House Network : The Green House Network, a Portland, Oregon-501(c)3 non-profit organization, is committed to creating the grassroots movement needed to stop global warming. The Green House Network has no paid staff, but hundreds of active members across the country.

Books on Global Warming

Energy and Peak Oil

The Politics of Oil: The Discourse Must Change : Posted by The Oil Drum Editors on 4/26/06.
What is Peak Oil? : A peak oil primer.
ASPO : Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas.
Energy Bulletin : A clearinghouse for current information regarding the peak in global energy supply.
Peaking of World Oil Production : Impacts, Mitigation, & Risk Management - Hirsch (SAIC), Bezdek, Wendling (MISI).
Ramsay/Burnaby Peak Oil Overview : An urban planning perspective on Peak Oil.
The Oil Drum : A community discussion about Peak Oil.
The Wolf at the Door : The Beginner's Guide to Peak Oil.

Books on Energy and Peak Oil

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